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Fandom News!

From cupiscent, delerieuse and watersusurrus:

The Fat Lady Digest is open for business and looking for submissions!

Inspired by the success of the LOTRPS zine Lotripping, we are establishing a quarterly hardcopy HP fandom zine containing fiction, essays and art focussed on specific themes and characters.

We plan for each issue to have at least one essay on the theme, approximately ten stories exploring either the theme or the spotlight character (or both!),  flash fiction and poetry and fan art in black and white or greyscale.

Issue One is entitled Muggles and Purebloods: race, class and power and our spotlight character is Draco Malfoy. Feel inspired yet?

So - If you write or draw in Harry Potter Fandom, are interested in working with trained editors and a professional standard publishing team, long
to see your name in print or just want to improve your craft, please visit our website to find out more!

The Fat Lady Digest
By the fans, for the fans.
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