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Time for another gathering?

It's been far too long since we had a proper Cleansweep Melbourne gathering, and I was thinking that if people were interested we could maybe do something on the weekend of the 29th-30th of July, since Harry Potter's birthday is on the 31st (which is a Monday and thus probably unsuitable for such a gathering).

It would be mostly a chance for us to catch up in person as opposed to on LJ, but also to revive some of the traditional fun like Slash-Off writing contests and suchlike. And of course to dress up (if you want).

Who likes the idea?

Who has any thoughts about potential venues?

Who has a different date they would prefer? (This is why I'm suggesting it so far in advance, though, since hopefully people's calendars aren't that full.)
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One of my friends is having a housecooling on the 29th, so the 30th would probably be better for me. Though it depends on the time and such.
30th would prolly be better for me too, since I usally work saturdays (this is assuming bloody manager doesn't randomly roster me on for the sunday instead *again*...)

will you post details on your own LJ too when date/venue is decided?

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I'm up for it. I don't mind too much about the date, I'll make it work. :)

Yay. I miss the Potterness.