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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Okay, everyone, the Hoyts online booking service is now open for OotP. If you want to go to the 8.30 PM screening at Hoyts Melbourne Central on Friday the 13th of July, and want me to book you a ticket online as part of the group I hope to be taking, please leave me a comment! It's $16 a ticket including the online booking fee of $1.

Edit Wednesday 11th July, 1 PM: I'm not taking any more bookings because the Hoyts website is stuffed, but everyone who asked before this has got a ticket. I'll be at Max Brenner's from about 5 PM onwards on Friday.
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=( I leave for London to go to Sectus that night! damn.
Yup, yup! Love to, would you like us to pay before or on the day?
Want to have a meet up thing somewhere before or after?
On the day worked fine for Pirates, so will be fine for this.

I figure we'll organise meet-up details a little bit closer to the day, but yeah -- and before would probably be good, but I bet we wind up talking for a while after. It's just that if it starts at 8.30 there will probably be a few people needing to get on PT to get home.
Cool =D

PT's a pain, I'm on it too. Before is good fo me.


9 years ago


9 years ago

I'm in. :) (And in costume.)
Yaye, I'm not going to be the only one!
I'm dressing up too!
Yay! You're all booked in, and I'm finishing work at 4.15 and heading straight up to Melbourne Central for some Brennerage.
I won't be there til later (Petri being at work, the fact that it's school holidays, etc) but I'll get there ASAP.

For me, half the fun is the discussion beforehand/afterwards. :)
Do you know when it runs till? I might have to organise a way home (with Mum or someone) if it's too late.


9 years ago

Ooh, I'm totally in... (also for the meetup). And um, I feel a bit rude asking, but if you're ordering tickets, I'd love it if you could get two for me..? I promise I'm good for it :P
Two is no problem. I'm looking forward to seeing you again, it's been a while!
Okay, it's booked! I'll be at Melbourne Central from about 5-ish at Max Brenners, that's as far as organising the meetup goes...
Ooh, yay! Thanks so much!
Only... is Max Brenners a place at Melbourne Central? Because I don't know what it is! :D
Oh, shit, sorry I didn't reply sooner. Yes, it's a place at Melbourne Central. It's a chocolate cafe. My mobile number is 0409 526 255 if you need me.


9 years ago

YAAY. *is hyped*

Could I possibly put in the order for three tickets? Promise it's all good, just the other two are too LAZY to post. (no not really) they've come to other events we've had before, so I promise you'll see the monies again. squee! <3
All good! I ordered them this morning, and I plan to be at Max Brenner's at Melbourne Central from about 5 on the day. My mobile number's 0409 526 255 if you need to reach me on the day.
Ooooh thank you sooo much! You're a legend for organising this! How would you prefer I get the money to you? :) On the evening, or I can direct deposit asap into your bank account via internet banking or send via paypal? All are fine!

I honestly don't mind, on the evening is fine, but my PayPal is, which you can also email if you want my bank account details for a direct deposit if that's easier. It's $48 for the three tickets or $16 if you're paying separately.

(I am so broke at the moment that if you do get it to me before the evening, I will be eternally grateful.)
See you tomorrow then! My mobile number is 0409 526 255 if you need me.
Is it too late for me to join in?
I'm working on it. I'll leave you another comment when the Hoyts website actually works and I get your ticket booked.
I still haven't managed to book your ticket, because the website is fucked, but I've emailed the customer service team, and if I absolutely cannot pre-book I will get you a ticket when I go pick them up on Friday, so you should still come along. I'm aiming to be at Max Brenner's by about 5 on Friday for pre-movie sugar, and my mobile number is 0409 526 255 if you need me.
Cool, ta. See you at Brenners.