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Four days to go!

There's a poster of Daniel Radcliffe in today's Sunday Herald Sun, for anyone who's interested.

There are also just four more days to book your place for CleanSweep's Prisoner of Azkaban party! So what are you waiting for? Email with your full name, e-mail address and the number of tickets you need today.

On the night, we will be raffling off a range of wonderful prizes, with the proceeds of the raffle going to Book Aid International. The things you could win include both official Harry Potter merchandise and one-of-a-kind hand made offerings created specially for CleanSweep. Tickets for the raffle are just $2, or $5 for three tickets - a bargain in anyone's eyes! So come along and improve your karma by supporting a great cause, while getting a little something for yourself, as well.

All the details are up at our website, in case you've forgotten what's going on :)

It's still not too late to book! But there are only four days left, so book as soon as possible!
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