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Updated February 8, 2004

After the huge success of CleanSweep 2004, Melbourne's inaugural Harry Potter fandom meet, this is the place to be if you want to find fun and HP-obsessed LiveJournalers in Melbourne!

Watch this space for future CleanSweep events, including CleanSweep PoA later this year and CleanSweep 2005, as well as news on Harry Potter fan meets in other states of Australia!

If you're an Australian member of the Harry Potter Fandom, chances are you've been feeling a little left out of things. Nimbus 2003 was a roaring success, but there were few Aussies there to represent the pretty large Fandom contingent we have Down Under.

There are a lot of us in Australia who love the Fandom, but just don't have the resources to travel to the other side of the world for a meet. But, on the other hand, why should we need to? There's no reason why we Aussies can't organise a Fandom meet of our own.

Thus, CleanSweep was born. The (decidedly lower-key) fan event for Australians!

Watch this space!

And, if you're interested in an event on a much larger scale, check out The Witching Hour - the sequel to Nimbus 2003, to be held in October 2005:

The Witching Hour: A Harry Potter Symposium.